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As fellow unpaid caregivers for loved ones with disabilities, we understand the challenges that arise throughout the entire caregiving cycle - from coping with the suddenness, surprise, and fear of a new diagnosis, to settling into and navigating the complex journey through childhood and adulthood, to ultimately planning for the time when the caregiver role needs to be transferred. Challenges include weeding through the vast amount of information on the internet without the ability to discern which ones are accurate and reliable, meeting other caregivers and developing a support network, and keeping track of the mountains of paperwork for their care and services. That’s why we have developed myHana™, a new subscription-based platform to assist caregivers on the journey from birth through adulthood and beyond that will help them craft an independent future for their loved ones with disabilities.

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The myHana™ Library offers world-class curricula developed by regionally and nationally known experts that are designed to educate caregivers to make decisions to positively impact the ones they care for. Though the initial focus of the myHana™ Library is on autism and Down syndrome, the myHana™ resources are constantly evolving and are offered through informational materials, workshops, blogs, articles, webinars, and online courses, and are developed and/or reviewed by the myHana™ faculty.

myHana™ Library

myHana™ is a comprehensive suite of resources, tools, and solutions designed to help families and caregivers navigate their caregiving journey and has three main components:

Say Hello to myHana™

The myHana™ Community is an online forum on the myHana™ platform where members can virtually meet each other and share thoughts, experiences, and resources with other caregivers

myHana™ Community

The myHana™ Caregiving Drive enables caregivers to quickly and easily coordinate, store and manage all care-related services and documents with the ability to share this vital information with and interact with Care Teams the user has established.

myHana™ Caregiving Drive

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The Focus Group will start immediately and be conducted on a rolling basis until late December. From the time you enlist in the Focus Group, you will have 60 days to go through the entire myHana™ platform and complete the various feedback requirements. The myHana™ staff have developed a robust set of videos and instructions (“myHana™ University”) that will walk you through the entire process – from creating a myHana account, to setting up your personalized myHana™ Caregiving Drive, to exploring and participating in every aspect of the myHana™ portal. There will also be live mentoring/help sessions offered (these will also be recorded).

Timing and Length

There is no cost or other financial obligation to join the myHana™ Focus Group.


The goal of the Focus Group is for myHana™ to have a large and diverse group of people from the autism, Down syndrome, and broader intellectual/developmental disability communities do a deep dive into the various components of the myHana™ platform and offer their opinions and suggestions for improvement.


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Each myHana™ Focus Group participant will be required to complete an initial demographic survey and to complete several mini platform surveys along the way as they go through the various aspects of the myHana™ platform. They will also be required to attend (or view) at least one of the mentoring/help sessions.


Focus Group participants who meet these requirements will receive a free 12-month subscription to myHana™ (a $299 value) that will commence as soon as the Focus Group ends.


Nick Garofolo

Founder, CEO

Heather Sachs

Faculty Director

Scott Badesch

Programming director

Ven Sequenzia

Partnership Director

Rachel Starr

creative Director

stuart williams

Operation Director

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